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White Long Sleeve Sweater with a Pink insert accompanied by a silver and blue design. 


By purchasing this product you also gain access to the Intellectual Property in the form of an NFT. What does this mean? It means that this product being a 1of1 sample (you will be the only person on the planet with this), along with its design will be entirely yours and you will be eligible to do as you please with it be it sell it, redesign it, or claim it as your own work. The NFT itself is the intangible (digital), art to which you must retain as it will increase in value, as art does, whilst it intertwines with the tangible (wearable), art in the form of the garment. Both the NFT and Garment come as one as a form of verification of authenticity so that you as the owner of this art will now have sound proof of the legitimacy and authenticity of your product - leaving no room for replicas, fakes or cheap imitations. You will be provided with a code to enter for the NFT upon purchase and a unique ID which will be imbedded into the garment that matches the unique ID of the NFT. If you do decide to sell on you must sell the NFT aswell as the garment or it is an incomplete transaction. Intrinsic value in every stitch. This is Letejar...This is the future.


Purchase of garment will grant you with permanent Letejar membership, and thus future access to all NFT and 1of1 garment showrooms/collections which will exclusively be available only to Letejar members, and not the general public. Membership also offers dis