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'It is like turning nothing into something, taking scraps and redefining what society percieves as quality.' This is Letejar's ethos and mission.

We are a fashion house that produces timeless art in the form of fashion pieces and we prioritise authenticity, creativity, and purity. Each piece is unique and embodies all we stand for - art must always come first in order to progress, and it is our duty to remind the world that fashion is an art form and not just a business. Letejar is eternal and so we hope you indulge and enjoy all that is to come.


We redefine, revitalise and revolutionise. Letejar is the future of fashion. 



We offer exclusive personal designer services for VIP clients whereby the client and Mr. Letejar will create and design a capsule together consisting of 1of1 handmade unique pieces tailor made just for you. Premium tailoring and design. 


1 piece - price and time varies depending on product, design & size.

6 pieces - £3000 -3 weeks

12 pieces - £5000 - 6 weeks 

Email: for bookings and enquiries. 



Each year we shall release an NFT collection which offers a 2in1 digital and physical experience like none other and will only be available for bidding and purchase by Letejar members. 


We shall maintain a general A/F and S/S seasonal collection every year available for the general public and displayed at our own runway show.


Here at Letejar, we are always open to growth and development and so whether you are a model, fashion designer, graphic designer, or possess any set of skills you think will be of great aid to the company then feel free to get in contact with us via email at


For press inquiries and any general queries and opportunities please contact us via email at 

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